Monday, August 17, 2020

Reasons Cyber Attacks Are Difficult to Prevent Completely

Cybersecurity expert and author of the best-seller, Next Level Cybersecurity: Detect the Signals, Stop the Hack, Sai Huda, advises leading companies to bolster their cyber-attack preparedness, ensuring they can positively identify attack signals and take measures to stop the attack before any damage is done. Sai Huda did a book-signing at the 2020 RSA conference and spoke on the seven step-method to detect the attackers as revealed in his book. He also spoke in an interview with the Editor-in-Chief of Big Data-Made Simple where he shared his insights on cybersecurity best practices.

One question he answered was why companies still faced cyberattacks despite investing millions to stop them. According to him, the reason was three-fold: the difficulty of locking out bad actors, the allure of valuable data, and hackers’ growing level of sophistication.

Companies continue to face cyber-attacks because prevention is almost impossible. In the digital world, there are too many doors, windows, and potential entry points for attackers to exploit. Locking all these doors is virtually impossible and as long as these companies hold valuable data, attackers will always figure out a way to gain entry.

In addition, the attackers themselves have become sophisticated and are capable of creating and deploying malicious applications designed to evade cybersecurity systems. Today, they do not have to steal the data. Attackers can simply hijack companies’ internal systems, hold sensitive data hostage, and demand ransom payments. With this in mind, companies should equally invest and focus in cyberattack detection. Huda reveals in his book the top 15 signals of the attacker and a seven step method to detect them early and stop the attack before any damage is done.